@bix Thats fair.

Let's reconvene some time in the future and reasses how ridiculous the concern is based on how many more ridiculous incidents we have?

More like the data analyst social‐democrat-progressive who tweeted a single tweet summary of Princeton University's Omar Wasau's research done in the 60's that found violent protest tended to hurt the democratic cause and Black people, which subsequently led to the data analyst being fired from his job for doing so, and labelled racist for deigning to tweet the work of a Black Professor whose conclusions they didn't like.. Oh, nevermind that he also apologised for tweeting it either. (remember that line I keep tweeting about disdaining forgiveness?)

Oh, which was followed up, let's add, by white [Nathan Robinson(https://twitter.com/owasow/status/1273642987185147904?s=19) writing an article telling professor of said research why he was essentially "anti-black", for having done said research albeit without having actually read said research in question; the baying cries for cancelling him are eerily silent however.