@twweaver I wonder if you could do an A-Z ABC of all the CBT's and DBT's and ACT'S with missing a letter. It would be like a Borge's story.

Thanks for putting me on to the last. That might be just the trick up the sleeve that's been missing.

I don't know if I ever named my Randy-ED, perhaps because it feels like there's more than one. But I too am partial to a swift expletive-off rather than an "oh thanks". Or sometimes opt for a mere "Ah, its you."

I've really been enjoying your blog for the past week now.

I'm conflicted in that I felt kinship going through your Reading List and spotting a good 40-50٪ similarities. The conflict coming from the difference being you've actually read the said twin 40٪ whereas my OBP (obsessive book purchasing) takes up the time that would otherwise be allotted for reading of the twin 40%.

Anyway, keep posting. XYZ.